Today’s Subject:CINEMA is ready to go, but…

…will be late in posting due to some problems.

We got infected by an extremely hard to eradicate bot this past week. I have been working with the folks at security site CastleCops to try and get rid of it, but it seems to be self replicating, and it is proving damn resistant to getting it taken care of.

It doesn't seem to be affecting others i've contacted by e-mail – it's an anti-spam bot pushing a virus scanner. I've had this type of bot invade before, but its never been this hard to get rid of. They are usually not spread by e-mail but by coding inside of a malware site.

Because it seems to add a new file every time we restart the computer, and because we are as yet unsure as to how it spreads, other than knowing that e-mail does NOT pass it on, I am going to play it safe and not upload the new show until I know it does not attach itself to files that I upload to our server.

As soon as we get rid of the damn thing, I will double check this week's show, and then upload it. I am shooting for later today, but if the bot continues to plague us, it might be a day or two before this week's show gets up and running.

Anyone who may have experience with this  bot – siyutaze appears to be the main replicating file – and who might have tips on eradicating it once and for all – please feel free to contact me.

Thanks for your patience and understanding – we'll get this sorted out soon!