AWARDS NEWS: Boston joins L.A, names “WALL-E” co-Best Picture

There must be something to this trend…Fox 411 columnist Roger Friedman railed last week against the stupidity of the Los Angeles Film Critics for daring to name a ::shudder:: ANIMATED film as Best Picture, and pointed out that the loonies that populate LA would be the only critics' group to be so inclined.

Guess what, Rog? You're wrong…AGAIN…

The Boston Society Of Film Critics has named BOTH Wall-E and Slumdog Millionaire as their 2008 Best Picture winners,  with the little robot also taking Best Animated Film, as well it should.

Boston  also paid homage to Gus Van Zant's OTHER film this year, by giving Van Zant Best Director for BOTH Milk and his wonderful, totally underseen Paranoid Park.  Paranoid Park also takes Boston's honor for Best Cinematography, which was done by Christopher Doyle, highly respected for his work with director Wong Kar Wai

And in a year where the various critics groups seem to be bowing to indie pressure to give either Synecdoche, NY or Vicky Christina Barcelona the Ensemble awards, Boston gave it to an even more deserving cast – the cast of the hilarious Tropic Thunder.

The complete winner's list:

Best Picture

    Tie: Slumdog Millionaire and WALL-E

 Best Actor

    Tie: Sean Penn for Milk and Mickey Rourke for The Wrestler

Best Actress

    Sally Hawkins for Happy-Go-Lucky  

Best Supporting Actor

    Heath Ledger for The Dark Knight

 Best Supporting Actress

    Penélope Cruz for Vicky Cristina Barcelona

 Best Director

    Gus Van Sant  for Milk and Paranoid Park

Best Screenplay

    Dustin Lance Black for Milk

Best Cinematography

    Christopher Doyle and Rain Kathy Li  for Paranoid Park

Best Documentary

    Man on Wire

Best Foreign-Language Film

    Let the Right One In

Best Animated Film


Best Film Editing

    Chris Dickens for Slumdog Millionaire

 Best New Filmmaker

     Martin McDonagh for In Bruges

Best Ensemble Cast

     Tropic Thunder

More awards news as it becomes available…stay tuned to PNR for all the latest!