Typepad’s system upgrade causing some errors with Subject:CINEMA

Regular Subject:CINEMA listener Aaron Drummond informed me today that he's been having trouble accessing the show for two weeks now. I am surprised that NO ONE wrote until now to let me know of the errors.

The problem is stemming from Typepad's new interface, although they swear it's not their fault. I know it IS their fault because I check and double check the code when it's put in. For some reason, at random intervals,  Typepad's new system inserts nonsense characters somewhere in the MP3 link. Sometimes it happens right away; other times, it takes several DAYS to get screwed up.

If anyone notices this kind of problem again, either with a current show or an archived show, please let me know immediately, and I will get it taken care of. Your best best – subscribe to SC via either our Subscribe link, which downloads the show automatically direct from MEVIO, or subscribe via ITunes, which is ALSO linked directly to MEVIO.  These two sources are not likely to get screwed up again.

When the new site debuts on December 28, the "Download" buttons will be going away in favor of allowing the listener to either listen via our Subject:CINEMA player or right click the player file  and "Save As" to their computers.

I'm so sorry for the problems, and hopefully this isn't happening with any of the older shows again…