Subject:CINEMA #145 – “Movie Party!”

This week, we each pick a couple movies for showing to a gathering of friends and family, in thirteen different catagories!

Also on this week’s show: the latest news in Cinema Subjects, our Bonehead Of The Week, The Buddy TV Top 50 Sexiest TV Men, your e-mail, and more year-end awards coverage!


Our Artist Of The Week this week is Causeway. They are an acoustic duo from New Jersey who have been performing their soft pop sound together for years now. You can find Barb and Zach’s music all over the usual net sources, including I Tunes, Rhapsody, and more. Music courtesy of the Podsafe Music Network.

Featured Songs:

“Travel Song”
“Get By”
“Any Other Man”

Check them out today!  And be sure to tell them you heard their music on Subject:CINEMA! If you’re a musician and would like to be Subject:CINEMA’s Artist Of The Week, contact us!


We are just ONE WEEK AWAY from the launch of the BRAND NEW PNR Website! We are SO excited about the launch, because we’re going from a simple blog to a huge portal which combines all TEN of PNR Network sites, and there’s more on the way for 2009! Join us for the official launch next Sunday, December 28th, at 12 Noon ET!

And we’re just ONE WEEK AWAY from the announcement everyone has been waiting for. Next Sunday, December 28th, at 12 Noon, Kim and TC will announce their Top 10 lists for 2008!

And even MORE great news…we’re just 10 days away from The Fourth Annual Poppies And Rosies Awards, being given away in a special three-hour edition of Subject:CINEMA on Wednesday, December 31, at 6 PM ET!  Don’t cha dare miss it!

We hope you like our slightly retooled format – more tweaks are on the way, and they’re all designed to hopefully continue to make Subject:CINEMA an enjoyable, must-listen podcast for you!  Please take the time to drop us a line and let us know what you think of the changes – we’d love to hear from you –

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Next Week: Subject:CINEMA #146 – “Catch Up Time!”