PNR’s New site now online

Welcome to Phase II!

Our brand new PNR websites have gone online and are considered to be in "Beta" mode for the next couple of days, as changes will continue to be made up to and through our official launch of the new site on Sunday, December 28, at 12 Noon ET.

Because of the way we've set things up, our old sites will all remain online – they have been linked to the new interface via RSS and will dynamically update on the new site.  We will continue to load the new materials here, but the new site is vastly improved, including the abililty to listen and/or download podcasts right from the front page.

We have tons of new features in store, and most of them will be "coming soon" until Sunday, as I begin to load the new features into the new site.

Stay tuned over the next 48 hours as PNR evolves into the brand new PNR – we hope you'll come along for the ride!