Subject:CINEMA #146 – “Catch Up Time!”

This week, we play catch up!

It’s time to get reviews of several movies we’ve seen this year online. Included in this catch up show, reviews for “Crazy Love”, “In Bruges”, “Wendy & Lucy”, and “Man In The Chair”, plus two Resolution reviews, for “The Great Dictator” and “Wild At Heart”. We close things up with reviews for the short film “Eat The Mayor” and the last of the National Amusements’ “Attack Of The B Movies” series, “Werewolf In A Girls Dormitory”! Plus, the latest news in Cinema Subjects, a look at the ALL NEW PNR, and our official announcement of the Top 10 Movies of 2008!


We have decided to discontinue our Artist Of The Week feature. We have recieved little feedback from either prospective artists or our listeners, and so this feature has been discontinued effective with today’s show.

Is on the air! Well, more specifically, it’s online. The new site still has a few bugs here and there, and the subsites aren’t completely finished yet, but over the next 30 days, things will fall into place. Don’t forget to come back for the latest in entertainment news, reviews, and pop culture observations every DAY!


We’re now just 3 days away from The Fourth Annual Poppies And Rosies Awards, being given away in a special three-hour edition of Subject:CINEMA on Wednesday, December 31, at 6 PM ET!  Don’t cha dare miss it!

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WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 31 6 PM ET – Subject:CINEMA #147 -“The Fourth Annual Poppies And Rosies Awards”

SUNDAY, JANUARY 4 2009, 12 Noon ET – Subject:CINEMA #148 – “The 2009 Resolution Revolution!”

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