Subject:CINEMA #149 – “The 3rd Annual Fethival Of Film Fethivals!”

We're heading to Palm Springs, Park City, and Santa Barbara on this week's show!

In addition to naming films of interest at the hot January festivals, we've also got the latest news in Cinema Subjects, some site news, complete coverage of the People's Choice and Critics' Choice awards, this week's Bonehead Of The Week, your e-mail, and our first Resolution Revolution review of the year!

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TC Will be posting the winners of this evening's Golden Globes ceremony LIVE on Popcorn N Roses, and may also do it through Twitter if anyone's interested in following along…the Golden Globe Awards air this evening on NBC beginning at 7 PM Eastern.


Subject:CINEMA's live interactive podcast, "Reel LIVE!" will make its first appearance of 2009, and its first appearance in several months, on either Sunday January 18 or Monday, January 19, which is Martin Luther King day. We'd like to have as many of our listeners who can show up do so, and also between now and the middle of this week, let us know which of those two days would be better for  you, and what time you'd most likely drop by for our show! We'll announce the final time later this week, so keep tuned!

NEXT WEEK – it's our first Double Play weekend of 2009!

SATURDAY, JANUARY 17 2009 – Subject:CINEMA #150 – "The Snow Above, The Snow Below – The Arctic And Antarctic in the Movies!" We'll be focusing on movies set in and involving those uber-chilly regions!

SUNDAY, JANUARY 18 2009 – Subject:CINEMA #151 – "CITYSCAPES: Shake Rattle And Roll – Los Angeles And Vicinity In The Movies!"
Join us as we focus another Cityscapes show on the LA Basin!

And coming up in Feburary…as suggested by a number of our loyal listeners…February Sweeps! A whole MONTH of Subject:CINEMA devoted to the SMALL screen – we'll take a look at our top 20 TV shows in several genres, as well as the explosion of cable TV since the 1970s, and a whole show devoted to Classic Nickelodeon!

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