Just a quick update

Due to schedule changes, there won't be an episode of Subject:CINEMA until tomorrow. Check the calendar for the updated schedule. Next weekend we should be up and back on track for the regularly scheduled shows.

Also, we will NOT be providing up to the minute coverage of tomorrow night's Screen Actor's Guild awards, though I will try to have the winners up throughout the night as I can. Tomorrow night is MY most important sports moment of the year – the Mens Snowboard Superpipe finals at the Winter X Games, and I will be GLUED to the TV while they are on.  Other men have their football, baseball, or other regular sport – my passion is action sports, and the Mens Snowboard Superpipe is my equivalent of the Superbowl or the World Series…so sue me…heh heh heh…

Back tomorrow at the regular time with S:C #151 – Cityscapes: Shake Rattle And Roll!