Subject:CINEMA #152 – “Superbowl Tailgate Party – Football At The Movies!”

In honor of this weekend's Superbowl, Kim and TC discuss football on the big screen!

Plus, football players as actors, as dancers, and more; some great personal football stories; some great tailgate recipe suggestions; and complete coverage of Winter X Games 13!


Tailgating requires food – here are links to six recipes we think you'll find super easy to make and super delicious to eat!

Alton Brown's Orange Glazed chicken wings

Ina Garten's Cheese Straws

America's Test Kitchen Chipolte-Lime Shrimp

Jello Mix n Match pie

Bobby Flay's Guacamole

Rachael Ray's Monterey Jack Chicken Quesadillas

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And coming up in Feburary…as suggested by a number of our loyal listeners…February Sweeps! A whole MONTH of Subject:CINEMA devoted to the SMALL screen – we'll take a look at our top 20 TV shows in several genres, as well as the explosion of cable TV since the 1970s, and a whole show devoted to Classic Nickelodeon!

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