RadioTC’s Song Of The Day is here!

RadioTC's Song Of The Day is here!

I know, I know…many of you are going, "So What?"

Fine. Be That way….heh heh heh…

Seriously, though. I've been looking for a way to share some of my all time favorite songs and artists with the PNR Networks fans, and now I hope I've found a way with this new feature.

Each day, the RadioTC Song Of The Day selects a song to feature, along with information about the song, why I like it, what's going on with the artists, and more. And where available, we'll also hook you up with Amazon.Com's downloadable store so you can grab the song for your very own, often for 99 cents or less!

I started this because i've got a huge musical library – well over a quarter million individual tracks including all my LPs, CD's, Cassettes, and 45s, as well as my digital media. A lot of the songs i've aquired over the years have a story to tell, either a personal story or one about the artist. And i'm going to attempt to tell them. Another reason I started this feature is because I want to share my favorite music of all time with all my online friends. Some of the songs you'll find as the Song Of The Day will be big hits from the past and minor hits you might be familiar with, but others might not be – one of the biggest purposes for the SOTD is to expose my friends and fans to music I love that you might not have heard before,like album tracks and songs that are obscure and not easily tracked down. I'll also be spotlighting movie songs on Fridays, called Marquee Mix Friday (in honor of our currently late but hopefully soon to be resurrected internet radio station).

SO you'll get a mix of hits, misses, obscurities, and rarities as well as the occasional weirdo song (think Dr Demento weird). And I'm not looking for 100% love – some of the songs I love might not always appeal to my readers, but i'm hoping you'll check them out all the same!  Maybe you'll discover you actually like what i'm playing…

Check out the Song Of The Day (new entries every morning by 7 AM ET) by checking the upper box on the left on, or you can go directly to the blog at

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