After three hours of bad ABC TV, THAT’S what we get for DWTS Season 8?

Well, once again, we fans who had had their hopes for an extreme sports star to show up on season 8 of Dancing With The Stars, with Louie Vito's name dangled in front of us, got screwed…I had to sit through ABC's wretched Sunday night lineup to get the names of the Season 8 participants, only to be crushed again, with what is by far one of the weakest-ever lineup of performers for the show.

The complete lineup for the eighth season of Dancing With the Stars, premiering March 9 on ABC, is as follows:

• Belinda Carlisle, 58, singer

• Stephen "Steve-O" Glover, 34, reality-TV star|

• David Alan Grier, 53, comedian

• Shawn Johnson, 17, Olympic gymnast

• Jewel Kilcher, 34, singer, TV personality

• Lil Kim, 33, rapper

• Gilles Marini, 33, actor

• Ty Murray, 39, former rodeo cowboy

• Nancy O'Dell, 42, entertainment anchor  

• Denise Richards, 37, actress

• Lawrence Taylor, 50, retired NFL player

• Chuck Wicks, 29, singer

• Steve Wozniack, 58, technology billionaire

It is interesting in itself that pro dancer and two time DWTS champ Julianne Hough, who a month ago said she was taking time off to tour in support of her album, WILL be back for season 8, dancing with real-life beau Chuck Wicks, while the show boasts it's first ever married couple…but alas, not Star Trek:The Next Generation's Jonathan Frakes and General Hospital's Genie Francis as was oft-rumored, but rodeo rider Ty Murray and his wife, singer Jewel.

And YET ANOTHER DAMN football player is aboard in Lawrence Taylor; that makes four Football players who have done the show, tied with four Olympians for the most number athletic professions. There have also been three boxers, and one basketball player, one race car driver, one sports anchor, and one sports owner…but STILL no extreme sports stars…ratbastards…

As I said on the DWTS message boards last night over at ABC, i'm (pardon the pun…or then again, don't) so EXTREMELY disappointed after this season's Vito-free lineup that i'm seriously thinking about not bothering to cover the show this season on PNR and on Subject:CINEMA. What do you guys think?  If you would like to see us continue despite my own personal feelings about the total disrespect for extreme sports fans, then we will.  Write to us at and let us know!