Louie_vito_wins_australian_open Hey ABC!  You cheesed off a LOT Of extreme sports fans when this seasons' cast of Dancing With The Stars was announced…

Now that Jewel and Nancy O'Dell are out with injuries…even BEFORE the season starts…you have a chance to rectify your egregious oversight from several weeks back. You have a chance to make amends for the slap you gave extreme fans by NOT including snowboarding daredevil Louie Vito in your final lineup by approaching him once again to join the cast.

Louie first interviewed last fall, and couldn't do it because of a recent knee injury. Then in January, X Games snowboard commentators Sal Masakela and Todd Richards intimated that Vito would be included on the spring edition of DWTS. Alas, it was NOT to be, and the extreme fans got the shaft AGAIN.

As a fan of both DWTS and Extreme sports, I am SICK of seeing every other sport and discipline represented – you even have a champion rodeo rider this season and no less than FIVE Football players have participated over the years – but in eight seasons have YET to represent the world of extreme sports.

Would Louie be at a disadvantage? Yes. Would he take it? I don't know – my gut says yes, he would, if he thought he could catch up. But I bet he would like to be asked again either way, because in a recent USA Today interview he seemed truly bummed out that he didn't make the final cut last fall.

COME ON ABC – show the X-Treme fans some LOVE – GIVE LOUIE VITO A CALL! And lets see him – or another extreme sports star – on next weeks' season premiere of DWTS!