PNR and MEVIO team up to annouce as first major sponsorship

Popcorn N Roses has teamed up with podcast host MEVIO to bring you an announcement we've been waiting to make for almost two years !

And MEVIO has worked hard to bring aboard our first major sponsor – Brookstone. Com!

Brookstone is a great place to shop for all kinds of incredible gadgets, and practically anyone in your life will appreciate the gift of a Brookstone purchase!

I can't tell you how much money i've dropped at our local Brookstone store over the past few years, so this sponsorship is especially SWEET for us. Gadget fanatic that I am, I love perusing Brookstone for the latest toys for me to play with…something Kim can attest to…heh heh heh…

I have NEVER been disappointed with anything i've purchased there. Our two Brookstone massagers have been a big help whenever my bad back or my bad knees act up. Both Kim and I bought our first MP3 players at Brookstone. And whenever i'm looking for the latest cool electronic gadgets, Brookstone is where I head to!

As a sponsor of Subject:CINEMA, is giving our listeners the chance to take advantage of some special savings as well – a great deal for YOU!  When shopping at Brookstone.Com, use our show code SHOWCIN at checkout and recieve 10% off your order!*

If you're going to be stopping by your local Brookstone retailer, you can take along a coupon to use for your 10% off – just go to and print it out!

Over the weeks and months ahead, we'll be bringing you some great articles about nifty and cool items from Brookstone on our sponsors page, debuting this weekend, and you can check out all the details about our deal with Brookstone  at! And be sure to listen to Subject:CINEMA and the PNR Daily Callback for more great info!

Thanks to for coming on board! And thanks to MEVIO for helping it happen!