PNR Needs YOUR Help – Enter our “Name Our New Movie Blog” Contest and win a $25 Best Buy Gift Card!

Hey all – TC needs YOUR Help!

PNR and Subject:CINEMA is launching a new "Movie Of The Day" blog in April, and TC is coming to YOU, the PNR and Subject:CINEMA readers and listeners to help name his new blog.

Patterned after his popular "RadioTC Song Of The Day" blog at, TC is turning his daily attention to doing a similar blog for movies. The problem is, he's having trouble coming up with a good name for it.

So here's your chance to win!

Send your suggestions to name the new movie blog to by March 31st at 6 PM US Eastern Time. TC will look over all the suggestions and pick the one he thinks will best describe the column. And the winner gets a $25 Gift Card from Best Buy!

So get your thinking caps on and ENTER TODAY!

(AHEM…Lawyers tell me I have to say the following – The name chosen will become the property of PNR Networks and no further compensation will be offered outside that of the above mentioned prize and credit on the website and on Subject:CINEMA when announced – ok, the lawyers are all happy now…sorry for the necessary legal break…)