A foray into TV – Ten Television Series that NEED To be Out on DVD

Popcorn N Roses usually handles movies, but i'm going to turn my attention to television today. Specifically, ten shows that should be out on DVD but for some reason or another are not. Sure, some of them might have a limited audience, but if you can sell the show to that limited audience, isn't that still some money in the bank?

So listen up, rights holders, tv networks, and studios…you're officially ON NOTICE…I want to see these ten shows on DVD before the end of 2009…we don't want to give TC any reason to rant, do we? Heh heh heh…

In no particular order, here we go!

1) Food Network Shows
Ok, so in the last couple of years, Food Network has gotten on the bandwagon, releasing a few "season sets". But the majority of Food Network programs available on DVD are just three shows on a $20 disc. WHAT?  If you want a complete collection of early Good Eats episodes, you have to pay over $300 to get them? Again, WHAT? It's time Food Network made a pact with it's fans to release full season sets of DVD's and not these greedy-ass three-per-disc releases. C'mon, Food Network, give us FULL SEASON sets of Barefoot Contessa, Good Eats, Iron Chef America, Ace of Cakes (only one of 7 short 8-episode seasons is currently available) and other popular shows. American Public Television has done it right with their sets of PBS staple America's Test Kitchen – it's time Food Network followed suit.

2) Sheep In The Big City
This HILARIOUS cartoon from the deviant mind of Mo Willams ran for just two seasons on Cartoon Network, but was hugely popular, with a devoted fan base of which I am proudly a member. Sheeps' original premiere was the highest-rated show to date on Cartoon Network. Yet the show has never been made available on DVD, and the first season originally released on iTunes has disappeared. Hey, Cartoon Network and Warner Brothers, what gives?  Give us our SHEEP….or i'll sick the Mad Scientist on you (Ok, Ok, ANGRY! ANGRY Scientist!  Geez….)

3) Roundhouse
Why the hell isn't the best series ever aired by Nickelodeon out on DVD yet? The show has a HUGE devoted following online (see The Easychair Expressway), and lots of shows whose lessons are still very relevant in teenage life – there is NO excuse for not releasing this wonderful musical sketch comedy series from the 90s. It remains one of the best series ever produced in the history of television in my opinion, and I have no doubt it would be a big seller. So what say you, Nickelodeon? It's time to appease it's legion of fans…

4) Guys Next Door
No, i'm NOT Talking about the softcore porn series out there now with the same name…i'm talking about the ORIGINAL – the 1990 music and sketch comedy series from NBC's Saturday morning lineup. This series was created to cash in on the popularity of New Kids On The Block, and was absolutely hilarious. The music was good, too. And once again there's a devoted online following, a following which actually sponsored a reunion of three of the guys back a few years ago. Hey NBC – let's get on the ball and get this series out pronto!

Perhaps the most intelligent sci-fi series of it's day, this 80s adaptation of the popular film starred Robert Hays and Christopher Daniel Barnes, and after mean ol'grinch ABC refused to give it a second season, the members of Spotlight Starman, the show's fan support network asked for a resolution movie, which they never got. But the series is still worthy to be DVD bound…so let's get it out there…

6) Max Headroom: 20 Minutes Into The Future
There are tons of rights issues, but i'd like to see the producers and studios behind one of the most tightly written science fiction series of all time work out whatever they need to work out to get this out on DVD. Consisting of two half seasons that barely together made up one season, I LOVED this show, it made a star out of Matt Frewer, and i'd love to see them bring this to the big screen as well. But for now, i'd settle for a DVD release…PLEASE?

7) Team Knight Rider
For one brief, shining moment in 1997, this syndicated predecessor to the Knight Rider franchise was high on my radar – I never missed an episode. It was MUCH BETTER than the current incarnation of the show. And Universal long ago made a promise to TKR fans that it WOULD be released on DVD once the original David Hasslehoff show had finished it's DVD release. Well that was FOUR YEARS AGO and we TKR Fans are STILL waiting – Hey Universal – what's the holdup? You promised you would, now make good on your promise – put TKR out on DVD!

8) Deepwater Black
Known in the USA as Mission Genesis, this 13 episode series was the first original series commissioned by the SciFi channel (soon to be known as SyFy…blech…). Based on a popular book series from down under, it should be possible to slip all 13 episodes and the preview special onto one double sided DVD, shouldn't it? Or even two dvd's with more extras? This show deserved so much better than it got, and i'd like to see the powers that be (wherever they are now) rectify the mistake of cancelling the show way way WAY before it's time by release what is out there on DVD…

9) Whistler
What happened with this ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC Canadian TV series? This show was AWESOME, mixing two of my favorite elements – mysteries and snowboarding – and had a huge devoted following on Canada's CTV. Nickelodeon's "The N" network ran the first season but then refused to air the second season for some unknown reason. With just 26 episodes in the entire run of the series, put both seasons on one set and get it out there – it's one of the few young adult serials to ever click with me…and the lush backdrop of the Whistler resort only helps it in my book…

10) The Path to 9-11
ABC/Disney SQUELCHED this miniseries badly when it aired in 2006 – and thank goodness I recorded it on VHS at the time. Word has it that ABC Disney president Robert Iger has PERSONALLY blocked every attempt by the filmmaker to get this powerful account of what went on from 1992-2001 released on DVD, reportedly at the personal request of Bill and Hillary Clinton. IT's time to stop playing politics, Iger. It's time for the Secretary of State and her husband the former President to grow up too…it didn't make them look NEARLY as bad as they think it did…especially after a couple of changes were made..but this deserves…no it MUST be released on DVD NOW….

Help get these shows out on DVD – contact the studios, the producers, and make your feelings known at http://tvshowsondvd.com!

Ok, all you Hollyweird types…the ball is now in YOUR Court…for pete's sake DON'T Drop it!