Help PNR & S:C land Michael Angarano an MTV Award Nomination!!!

I don't ask our readers for much, but now I'm gonna ask you to help out with a grass roots campaign to get someone an award nomination they much deserve…

The nomination period for the MTV Movie Awards this year is today through April 20th. PNR and Subject:CINEMA  is spearheading a StreetTeam campaign get Michael Angarano a nomination for "Breakthrough Performance MALE" for his turn as Jason Tripitikis in "The Forbidden Kingdom".

To accomplish this, we're going to need THOUSANDS OF VOTES to make this happen – so favorite this post, send it to every social network site you belong to, send a link to this post to all your friends and encourage them to help us out, Digg and this post, trackback to the post from your blog…DO WHATEVER YOU CAN! SPREAD THE WORD!!!

Here's how you do it:

1) Go to the MTV Movie Awards nomination site at

2) If you're not already registered to vote with MTV, then please do. You will need to supply the usual info for your MTV Movies registration.

3) Click on the "Breakthrough Performance MALE" button.

4) Scroll down to the very bottom of the screen. You will see the following sentence: "Did we miss one of your favorites? Check out the list of all eligible movies for the 2009 MTV Movie Awards and make your selection. Go Now" Click on the "Go Now" part. This will open a new half-window called the MTV Movies Nomination Form.

5) Verify that the top right space says "Breakthrough Performance MALE". Scroll through the list of eligible movies which will appear in the bottom half of the window, and click on "Forbidden Kingdom" – this will populate the movie field with "Forbidden Kingdom". In the box beside the word "Actor", type in "Michael Angarano". Click "Submit".

You have just voted to add Michael to the nominees list!

We're not sure yet if you'll be able to do this multiple times, but it would be wise to try and vote every day, since they usually allow this. I will continue to investigate that and post when I know if it's going to work.

It's HIGH TIME Michael got recognized (he SHOULD have been recognized for Dogtown or Sky High, but NOOOOOOOOOO…) and we're gonna do our darndest to make it happen!!!