One of TC’s Fave cult TV series coming to DVD – “WEREWOLF” hits in September

Werewolf-Complete You guys KNOW I don't normally shill for something special on the blog, but in this case, I HAVE TO.

Kim and I talked extensively about the short-lived Fox TV series WEREWOLF on last fall's Halloween-themed "Screen Screams"  series on Subject:CINEMA. Now, you can have the chance to own this show and see how goofy (and great) it was for yourself.

Shout Factory will release "WEREWOLF: The Complete Series" on September 1st. 

The full scoop from is here.

I absolutely LOVED this show – one of the few shows of the genre I regularly watched – and  now you can pre-order it from Amazon.Com
for just $27.99, almost $15 off the cover price. 

WEREWOLF starred a pre-General Hospital John J York and legendary actor Chuck Connors, and it was a fantastic hybrid of horror and drama. I cannot urge you enough to take advantage of this pre-order opportunity while you can. I did, and I hope you do too!