The latest updates on Kim and S:C

Well, it's been a week, and she's still not home…

Kim IS doing better, though. She's been able to keep some light food- soda crackers, Italian ices, etc. – down without too much of a problem. She was looking and even feeling decidedly better on Friday, had a slight setback yesterday, but today is at least getting her sense of humor back. She is still in intense pain, however, from whatever is attacking her abdomen…

I spent a couple hours with her today, and near the end, they took blood – a LOT of it – and she got a bit woozy, so she sent me home.  When I got home she called almost in tears because she had a claustrophobia attack when they took her down to try the liver MRI again.  I told her not to worry about it, because those things are SCARY – I had one when I had my gall bladder out last year – and generally are NOT fun. I guess they are talking about possibly sedating her for the test because it has to be done, but needless to say, she was really upset about it.

So she finally wanted to something to do. Our friends Jenn and her boyfriend Steve went by yesterday to see her – I took the day off because it's been an exhausting week – and that cheered her up. And as I said, today she was looking better, the chicken pox blotches almost all gone now, and her color was way better than it has been. She felt well enough that I took her some DVD's to watch (comedies only honey – I am NOT bringing you ECW no matter what you say…) and our portable player, and took the laptop in for her to look through the over 1000 pieces of mail that had come in to her box since her illness started last week.

They also had to install this monster I.V. called a pike in her right arm because her vein collapsed where they had the original one in the left arm. If you've never heard of it – let me tell you, it's a monster – the tube is almost a foot long. They put it in your arm where they would normally put an I.V. and it ends up near your neck. It's so long they have to do a chest x-ray to make sure it's in the proper place. Thankfully, installation went without a hitch, and she can now get her meds again through the I.V. instead of shots or pills, the latter of which she was having trouble keeping down still as of yesterday.

All in all, though, they ARE making progress. Now, they just need to find out what's causing the intense pain, and she'll be on what looks to be a slow but steady road to recovery.

Naturally, i'm waiting to see what happens with Kim before committing to the return of Subject:CINEMA. Hopefully, we'll be able to be back next Sunday – this nearly three week period is the longest period we've ever gone without a show, and if Kim's still in the hospital next week, i'll try to throw something together for next weekend. Obviously, some of the shows are getting rearranged to accommodate her absence – when we DO return it will be with our anniversary show, and the revised Personal Pantheon countdowns we're doing.

In the meantime, please continue to keep Kim in your thoughts and prayers and know that she has really appreciated all the love and support in the letters and emails from our listeners to both of us – thank you so much for your patience and understanding!



P.S. – how scary is it that our Google context ad on the right has been picking up all these medical reports on Kim and her ordeal and is now occasionally showing medical-oriented ads? That's NEVER happened before now…heh heh heh…