EMusic Free Trial

PNR Networks are ecstatically happy to announce that EMusic has come on board as one of our sponsors!

I have been an EMusic customer since 1999 (that’s TEN YEARS, folks!), and the incredible variety of music I’ve discovered in that time – it’s just unbelievable!

Got a music lover in your life? Wanna point them towards the best deal on the net? Then look no further than here. EMusic downloads are all DRM FREE – that means they will play on ANY MP3 player, regardless of make. They can be burned to as many CD’s as you like, and be on as many computers as you like – there are NO FUNKY RESTRICTIONS!

And the best deal is yet to come – a FREE 14 day trial with 35 free downloads! Sign up today at http://emusic.com/cinema, and you can download your freebies instantly. And …they’re yours to keep – FOREVER – regardless of whether or not you choose to stay a member of EMusic!

So take the  EMusic 14 day free trial today! And check out our MevioCoupons page for more great offers!