I hate this weather…no S:C this weekend

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we will not be able to post a new episode of Subject:CINEMA this week. I woke this morning to find our production computer completely fried due to the heat and humidity. While there's hope of getting it restored in the next two or three days, for right now, except for my laptop, we're out for the count.  This will also affect Platinum Roses' Garden and Video Revue production schedules, as well as the production schedule for a new podcast we'll be launching shortly, for which we hope to have an official announcement about later this week.

We will have our planned S:C Double Play next weekend if possible, and will probably have to scrap one of our planned Hero Heat episodes because of the problems. I'll post news once we make a few decisions and can have some definite news about the systems getting back on line.

Thanks for your understanding. We'll be back ASAP!