We’re getting there…slowly…

Well, we're back (almost…)

This weekend, we should be back online with the final two episodes of Hero Heat on Subject:CINEMA. Both of them will be posted at 6 PM rather than 12 Noon due to scheduling conflicts.

I'm also excited about getting back online this weekend because we will be formally announcing a brand-new TV-seasonal podcast this weekend as well, which will hopefully premiere on Monday, August 31.

The most recent edition of Video Revue was posted on Tuesday.

I have been playing catchup most of the week, as I have been setting up a brand-new HP Hi-def production computer. One of the big problems is that most of my mail files, all our program files, and such are on the old computer's drive, which I don't have time to try and transfer to the new computer until this weekend. I have tons of mail to get to, I have tons of programs to set up on the new computer. And the damn thing uses Vista, an operating system i've never used before and that i'm not a bit fond of thus far.

But the new beastie comes with a widescreen, high definition monitor, a CD/DVD/BluRay drive, and television recording capabilities once I get a tuner card installed, so i'm definately sure I made the right choice in computers.

Now if I could just get caught up with my mail and the tons of screeners waiting for attention, I'd have it made.

So anyway, you'll be seeing Subject:CINEMA's last two Hero Heat III installments, Heroes Of The Small Screen, and DC: Directly Comic, this weekend, and then it's on to our already humongous fall preview show the following week.

Thanks for all the letters of support from our regular readers and listeners – it means a lot!