PNR Networks launches “MIrrorball Mayhem” podcast

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(August 31) PNR Networks, the creators and producers of the Popcorn N Roses family of websites and the popular weekly podcasts "Subject:CINEMA" and "Video Revue" among other projects are throwing their dance shoes into the ring with a new podcast aimed at the loyal fans of the popular ABC television series Dancing With The Stars.

The new podcast, titled Mirrorball Mayhem, will launch this week with a preview show, showcasing the sixteen contestants of the show's ninth season, which begins September 21 on ABC. Subject:CINEMA co-hosts TC Kirkham and Kim Brown will bring their take-no-prisoners, irreverent humor to the dance floor every week immediately following the first elimination show on September 23rd.

Kirkham, a self-avowed DWTS fanatic, says he should have thought of this before.

"I was looking around, and I couldn't find ANY other podcasts that focused on the show. It's one of the highest rated shows on TV these days, and I am glued to the set on Mondays and Tuesdays every week when it's on. We used to cover it every week on Subject:CINEMA for a couple seasons, but our listeners told us they were skipping over it, so we stopped doing it. I don't know why I never even considered attempting a whole podcast until now, it seems like a natural fit for us."

Kirkham knows there's quite a few fan sites for the show out there, and hopes that they'll pick up the show.

"We've spoken to a number of fansites and they seem to be genuinely interested in the show, so we hope more and more of them will pick it up on their sites. We're also going to try and interest sites that focus on the stars and the pro dancers as well. We're aiming to have fun with this, and we'd love to get as many people as possible involved."

Kirkham also admits he has a bias when it comes to this season's competition.

"I've been campaigning to get [snowboarder] Louie Vito on the show since I found out he first interviewed last fall. As a longtime fan of extreme sports, and a longtime DWTS fan, I was getting sick and tired of DWTS not asking an extreme sports star to be on the show. I"m tired of the Olympic stars and the football players…bring on the shredders!  I'm also a huge Louie Vito fan. People are already tending to count Louie out, and they shouldn't. He's a funloving  guy and a fierce competitor who throws everything he has into whatever he does. He came out of the superstar Stratton Mountain School class of 2006, which also included some of today's top snowboarders including Kevin Pearce, Scotty Lago, Danny Davis, and Mike Goldschmidt, and any one of them are formidable on the slopestyle, in the halfpipe, and Louie will be someone to watch, mark my words – don't write him off before you even see what he can do!"

But he also promises to be fair.

"Despite the fact that i'll be pushing Louie to the moon, I'll also tell him, and everyone else, when they've messed up, and if they deserve to go, they deserve to go. The show is about watching people who don't normally dance get out there and really work at something new. I'm sure Louie will do well, but if he doesn't make it all the way to the top, that's cool. And we'll be covering everything with the same close eye every week, no matter who makes it all the way to the finals, until the season nine Mirrorball Trophy is awarded."

Kirkham also admits something else about the show – his own DWTS dream.

"I'd love to become the first podcaster to be invited to dance on the show. I'm overweight, with bad knees and a bad back, but i'd give it my best shot! Even if I got voted off the first week, which I DON'T think would happen, you would never be able to say I didn't get out there and give it my all. Kim keeps telling me she's having Woz flashbacks, but I don't care. [Steve Wozniak] had a blast, and so would I, no matter how far I made it! So ABC, BBC…what about it? Give me a call..I'm waiting!"

New weekly installments of Mirrorball Mayhem will be available about 11 PM ET on Tuesdays, shortly after each week's results show.