Subject:CINEMA changing timeslots beginning September 6

Due to the fact that I am now working on a regular basis on Saturdays, and because it affects our window to view current and classic movies to feature on our show, and because the delay is also affecting our production schedule, we've discussed it and are now making it official:

Beginning Sunday, September 6, 2009, new episodes of Subject:CINEMA will be released on Sundays at 6 PM ET.

As much as we'd like to leave it at Noon on Sundays, the squeeze it's putting on what we do is making it late almost every week, and it has also occasionally affected the quality of the show as well, which to me is completely unacceptable. We work hard to make sure S:C is the best possible film show we can make it , and we want it to stay that way.

We hope you will be able to adjust this on your schedule accordingly – it shouldn't be a problem, since demos are showing that most listeners access the show on Mondays and Tuesdays anyway.

Thanks for your understanding, and please continue to listen and to spread the Subject:CINEMA gospel wherever you may be!