DWTS Season Nine: First Impressions of the men

Just some first impressions of the Men's night, the season opener of DWTS…

Aaron Carter
is getting WAY WAY WAAAAAY More credit than he deserves…his Cha Cha
Cha was NOT worthy of Len's 8 score – absolutely ludicrous – and his
waltz was way way too fast, though his style was good…My Score (first
dance, not relay) was a 6…

Mark Dacascos really
disappointed me…I thought he would do much better, and be much
better. I wasn't impressed with his Cha Cha Cha, nor his waltz, though
it was easy to see he was giving his best. He still has the best chance
to make the finals, though…he's going to really take off as he gets
more into his groove…My score was a 7…

Tom Delay surprised
the HELL out of me…I thought his Cha Cha Cha was fun and funny, and
deserved better than 5's from Len and Bruno. And I thought his waltz
was graceful and elegant, and there is NO WAY Irvin was better…My
Score was a 7…

What can I say? Ashley Hamilton is a
charming man…and that's about it…he was horrendous on the Fox Trot,
and even worse on the Salsa relay…My Score was a 6

Michael Irvin
is going to be gone very soon…even Tom Delay was better…his Cha Cha
Cha was absolutely unforgivably BAD, and his Waltz relay did NOT
deserve the 6 score, Delay did…My Score was a 5…

Chuck Liddell proved
a little scooch better than I thought he would be…his Fox Trot wasn't
good, and he was a little teeny tiny bit better on the Salsa relay…My
Score was a 5

Donny Osmond…oh boy, can you milk it or
what? You'd think he was in a beauty pageant…Osmond is a natural, and
he's got problems, but I was surprised to see him in second place
behind Carter, because he was way better than Carter on both dances,
and easily the best dance of the night, although I didn't think his
Salsa was as good as the judges, I would have scored him second on the
relay…My score was an 8

Louie Vito…MAN you did the
EXTREME crowd Proud, LV…The Foxtrot was better than I expected it to
be..even with the foot fault, he did extremely well… and i'm sorry,
but the judges were WRONG…Vito absolutely SMOKED Osmond on the
Salsa…way more hip action, his foot work was spot on, and he did way
better than his rehearsal footage said he would do…WAY TO GO, TEAM
CHOUIE!!! My Score was a 7





LOUIE VITO            27 (YAY!)


TOM DELAY         20



tie makes it hard, but based SOLELY on the required first dance, Irvin
should go home; based on both dances, Hamilton should go. Figuring in
the dreaded ADF (Alternative Demographic Factor), the football fans
will go for Irvin – MY PREDICTION: Ashley Hamilton is going home on

Overall notes:

Loved the opening dance number,
but missed the opening credits – Louie Vito is in the anchor position
this year, and I was looking forward to seeing it…

Love the relay idea…new and different…

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