Platinum Rose Lady featured in new “Supernatural” fan book

Roadhouse Some of Kim's collected works as Platinum Rose Lady on FanFiction.Net have been collected along with those of other fans of the TV series Supernatural in a new book from Roadhouse Books.

"The Roadhouse Collection", put together by DeeDee and Sarah of, has over 3 dozen stories of all kinds from more than a dozen writers, and is the first undertaking of it's kind for this little group of fans.

You can check out some of the stories on (search PlatinumRoseLady), or better yet, support the efforts of these writers and the two ladies who pulled all the stories together by heading over to and picking up a copy of the book, which is $25.99. Help support the funds these people have put into the making of this book by ordering a copy for your library!

Way to go, sweetheart!