BREAKING NEWS: Fox Searchlight cancels national rollout of new Angarano film scheduled for Friday

Fox Searchlight today quietly cancelled the rollout of Michael Angarano's new movie Gentlemen Broncos, which was to have happened on Friday.

The movie has barely had any business since opening in NY and LA last weekend, and Roger Ebert twittered today that the Chicago opening had been cancelled, and several sites also confirmed that the Austin opening had been axed.

Although the film had some word of mouth that was decent if not stellar, the critical reception to the latest film by offbeat director Jared Hess (Napoleon Dynamite, Nacho Libre) has been nothing short of savage, with most critics dismissing the film as absolutely incomprehensible and filled with completely unlikeable characters.

Listeners of Subject:CINEMA know that this movie has NOT been on my favorites list, and that I thought, just based on the trailer, that it was NOT going to be a real coup in Michael Angarano's career once released.  It was only my loyalty to Michael that I was even planning to see it.

Ironically, I posted the trailer to Trailer Trash and Treats just today…wow, talk about irony…

We hope to have more on this story and why it happened on this weekend's edition of Subject:CINEMA, so be sure to check it out.