BREAKING: “Broncos” not cancelled, just ‘scaled back’

Gentlemanbroncos Like everyone else, we were lambs rushing for the slaughter. And we were apparently wrong.

IndieFilmSpotlight's Larry Richman has confirmed that the release of Michael Angarano's new movie Gentlemen Broncos WILL go on as scheduled this Friday, albeit on a much scaled back plan than before.

The film IS still opening in the Boston market tomorrow, and will also open in a number of other markets, but not as wide as originally thought. Initial reports that spread throughout the internet were based on several websites posting information that turned out to be slightly erroneous,coming from inside sources that were usually considered to be reliable. My guess is that the person sending the info to those sites didn't know all they should have, but rather wanted to get word out to the masses first.

We'll have full info on this story this weekend on Subject:CINEMA. I smell a "Bonehead Of The Week" in the making…