We need YOUR Input for our 200th show! Please help us out!

Over the next couple weeks, PNR is preparing for Subject:CINEMA to celebrate 200 episodes. We're very excited that we've made it this far, and we want our listeners to celebrate with us.

For the past two weeks on the show, we've asked our listeners to send in audio clips about why they listen to the show, to include on our 200th show and also to be included in a new publicity campaign.  Thus far, however, we've only received a couple of clips from our listeners. So now is the time to get involved.

We really want to know who you are, where you're at, what you think of the show, why you listen, and why you're a Subject:CINEMA fan. So we're coming to you to ask you once again to let us know in the form of a quick voice clip. You can either record something on your computer and email it to us in an MP3 or WMA form at subjectcinema@popcornnroses.com, or you can call our TOLL FREE Hotline, 1-888-214-9311 – this number is open and ready for your call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

I'm making a personal plea to hear from all our listeners. If we get overwhelmed, so be it – we'll just continue to use clips as we can on each successive show. But we're gonna get as many as we can in our 200th show.

Please don't sit back and think, "Oh, I don't REALLY need to send in a clip, they'll have plenty to use" because the fact is, we CAN NEVER have too many!! And if you don't send one in, you won't get heard on the podcast!

So come on, everyone!  Let's hear from as many of you as we possibly can!  We need your clips by Friday, November 20 at 6 PM!  We're looking forward to having you be our special guests on our 200th show!