“The Tonight Show” mess…my take….

We'll talk in depth about this on this Saturday's edition of Subject:CINEMA, but I can't hold it in any longer…


With all due respect, NBC's entire late night mess is his fault, more or less….

If Conan hadn't forced NBC during contract negotiations in 2004 to guarantee him the center seat on The Tonight Show in 2009, without then-current host Jay Leno's knowledge or consent, we wouldn't be having this problem.

Jay has been a loyal team-player all around. He's worked his ass off on this new 10 PM show, when everyone abandoned him – he couldn't book guests because producers were keeping their stars off the show because they didn't want him to succeed – it was costing actors five hours of shows on TV.

My take is this – let Conan keep Tonight. Fallon is a non-entity anyway, so we won't even bring his worthless ass into this.

Tonight is damaged goods anyway, since Conan's ratings has plummeted since he took over. He tried to blame Jay's poor lead-in in his statement, but excuse me, didn't O'Brien take over Tonight in May, five months BEFORE Jay's 10 PM show premiered? Yep.

My advice to Jay – tell NBC to screw it. This is the THIRD time that network and their always incompetent executive staff has screwed you over.  The network has never recovered from the late Brandon Tartikoff's departure at the end of the 80s, and as long as clueless people are in charge, they never will.

I can see into the future…and foresee Jay as the ultimate winner. If Fox has any sense, they'll resind their plan to lure O'Brien and work on luring Leno to the network. And with a 35 minute jump on the competition, he will SMASH all three of the also rans – O'Brien, Letterman, and Kimmel – with one swish of his hand…just as he was doing, week after week, month after month to Letterman and Kimmel, for YEARS before NBC gave him the thumbs down as Tonight's host…

Bad move, NBC.

And Conan? GROW UP, will ya?  Geez, you're worse than a four year old. Don't whine – FIGHT to keep your job, man!