Anyone any good at fixing Windows Mail?

You have NO idea how rotten this weekend has been with computer issues
– thankfully, the most important thing this weekend -  my interview
with filmmaker Jeremy Lamberton – went without a hitch, and you'll hear
it on this weeks' State of Independence…

I have suffered through a mail disaster this weekend. After installed a new version of System Mechanic and of Norton this weekend, one of the two programs wiped out a file which Windows Mail thinks is necessary and one of the other two does not. Therefore, i've lost my complete mail archive since August of last year, and I am in desperate need to recover it!

I have installed Windows Live Mail now, and am trying to figure out how to find my archives to rescue my mail, but I can't seem to find any way to do what hasn't already been imported, and that's not even half of what was missing. Anyone who might have an idea on what I can do to retrieve my lost mail please please PLEASE shoot me a line at or and HELP ME! HELP MEEEEEEEE!!!