Relax, Twi-Hards…RPattz is NOT DEAD..despite Variety’s “claims”…

So I open my MyYahoo page tonight, and get the shock of my life – I have Variety.Com Obituaries on my page so I can see at a glance when we need to do something on the show for someone who's passed. So imagine my shock to see the top entry this evening:

Pattinsion in obits

  Now, THAT was an eyeopener – OMG, Robert Pattinson's DEAD? What? How did this happen?

Turns out that he's not dead…never was dead…but the rumors are going to go WILD until Variety fixes the RSS feed…seems that Variety.Com's Obits feed is picking up the "remember" in the title of the story, which of course refers to his new film Remember Me, which opens tomorrow.

Someone at Variety needs to take a really hard look at how the obit RSS grabs headlines…

But DAMN is this FUNNY or what? 🙂