Presenting….Subject:CINEMA’s Awards Weekend Survival Guide!

It's Oscar Weekend 2010, and that means THREE huge awards ceremonies! And we've got everything you need to follow along with it!
Before you do ANYTHING this weekend, though, tune into this weeks' edition of Subject: CINEMA – TC Kirkham and Kim Brown will have a COMPLETE rundown of ALL THREE shows and their picks and predictions for each, plus plenty of other news and reviews!



The Spirit Awards will air LIVE at 11 PM Eastern/8 PM Pacific on IFC, with encores to show later on AMC. Why they did this cockamamie set up this year is beyond me, but there's no way in HELL i'm staying up til' 2 AM covering them – we'll have winners posted on Sunday morning.

The Spirits – Nominees list


As always, Saturday evening, possibly before the Spirits start, the Razzies will name the worst films of the year.

The Razzies – Nominees list


The Academy Awards begin Sunday evening at 8 PM ET/5 PM PT on ABC. TC will be twittering the winners LIVE as the evening progresses.

The Oscars – Nominees List

The Oscars – Printable follow-along Ballot

TC and Kim will be BACK on Monday evening at approximately 9 PM with a complete wrap up of the weekend, going over the winners, the losers, and more!

Let's all celebrate films of all kinds this weekend! And don't forget to tune in for Subject: CINEMA on Saturday!