Subject:CINEMA Wants YOUR help for this weekend’s special Double Play shows!

This weekend, Subject:CINEMA will present a very special Double Play weekend focusing on the moviegoing experience!

On Saturday, "A Theater Near You!" will cover the evolution of the movie theater. Our goal in this show is to remember how much the moviegoing experience has changed over the past 100 years or so. We'll talk about our personal movie going memories, those of our family and friends, and take a look back from the days of the grand movie palaces to the dreaded multiplex and back again, and we'll bring you a list of sources you can go to when wanting to research the history of the movie theatre.

You can help us out with this show – we're looking for S:C and PNR Fans to send us a quick e-mail about their favorite theaters and why you like them. E-mail us at, and we'd love it if you could include a snapshot or two of your favorite theater!

On Sunday, S:C turns it's attention to YOU, our Movie going listeners!  "Movies In Your Backyard" will be a primer on what to do and where to go to find your local movie theater schedules, local movie clubs & organizations, tell you how to start a movie group of your own, how to research free film screenings in your area, how to find places to get discount and free tickets, and the pros and cons of buying tickets in advance online!

We hope you'll enjoy this special set of shows, and use all the resources we'll be bringing you to make your movie going the best experience it can possibly be! And don't forget to send in your movie theatre stories!