YOU can help PNR determine the 2010 Rising Stars list – We need YOUR input!

We are rapidly approaching one of the most exciting times of each year, and this year, we're asking our listeners and readers to get involved in the process.

The Fifth Annual Popcorn N Roses Rising Stars list will be announced on Sunday, July 4 2010. Each year, the PNR Rising Stars list names those young actors and actresses who we think are destined to become major stars in the future. Our track record is exemplary – in the past, we have named some of today's hottest young stars to this list, which is growing in prestige every year.

And JUST LOOK at some of the PNR Rising Star alumni – the list includes some of today's brightest stars:

Ellen Page (Juno), Anton Yelchin (Star Trek, Charlie Bartlett), Kat Dennings (Nick And Norah's Infinite Playlist), Michael Welch (Twilight, Unrequited), Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Brick, GI Joe, Hesher), Steven Strait (Sky High, 10,000 BC), Olivia Thirlby (Juno), Odette Yustman (Cloverfield), Emile Hirsch (Speed Racer, Taking Woodstock), Shia LeBeouf (Transformers), Michael Angarano (The Final Season, Forbidden Kingdom), Kristen Stewart (Twilight), Jamie Bell (King Kong, Mister Foe), Ari Graynor (Whip It, Nick And Norah's Infinite Playlist), Malin Akerman (Watchmen), Chris Pine (Smokin' Aces, Star Trek), Patrick Fugit (Wristcutters: A Love Story, Cirque Du Freak)

And that's not even HALF of the alumni!  No wonder so many people – fans and insiders alike – watch our list every year to see who's on it – they know that the talent is more often than not about to really take off!

And this year, as we prepare the fifth annual list, we're asking our readers and listeners to help us out! Do you have a favorite actor or actress that you'd like to see make the list? Then you need to LET US KNOW! Drop a line to before this years' deadline of May 15 2010 with the names you'd like to see on the list – and more importantly, WHY you think they deserve to be on the list. We are already scrutinizing a list of nearly two dozen names, so if you want your fave to have a shot at being considered, and possibly named a PNR Rising Star 2010, you need to SHOUT IT OUT!

And check out our past lists by heading over to for the 2009 list, and select "features" then "Rising Stars" for all the previous years' lists!

We look forward to your suggestions, and thank you for your participation in helping to determine the next list of hot rising stars!