STATE OF PNR Report – PNR Connection closed, new ideas coming

Over the next few weeks, PNR will begin to streamline some of our services as we begin to take a hard look at where we want to go over the next year.

The first change has already taken place with the closing of the PNR Connection social networking site. Ning announced last week that they will begin charging for this service, and as there were only a few real members involved (less than 20) and also because the Ning networks were recently targeted by spammers in a huge way – 1600 new members in the last two weeks, all spam related – it seemed easier to close the service down. Give me another couple weeks to clear the PNR Connection info off the site – I have to do it page by page on several sites so it's gonna take a while. I am working on an alternative community idea or two, and will make the announcements as they come to fruition.

I have also begun to evaluate the need to be involved on so many different sites. At first, the idea was to get the word out there and connect with as many people as possible. This seemed like a good idea at the time, but thus far has not really borne any fruit, so to speak. So we will be streamlining the number of sites we are hooked up with, remaining active on the big three – MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter – and a number of film-related sites as well – Netflix, Flixster, and the like – but will begin to phase others out soon, while also beginning to roll out new areas we're involved in.

More updates will be coming over the next two weeks, so keep tuned in right here on PNR and we'll bring you the latest on what we're up to!