Subject:CINEMA will be delayed this weekend

Hi all,

Due to excessive heat in our apartment, we're gonna have to put this week's edition of Subject:CINEMA on hold until later in the week. The heat is causing all manners of problems with our sound mixer, preamp,  and sound card, and I don't want to risk blowing them up …again…heh heh heh…

Right now, the plan is to record sometime mid week  and post the show sometime next weekend. Problem is, I'm not sure when it will get posted, and will know more later in the week. I'm committed to the Boston stop on the Alli Sports Dew Tour this Friday and Saturday and won't be available much of either of those two days, which is why we scheduled ourselves off NEXT weekend, not THIS Weekend…damn heatwave…grrrr….

Speaking of the Dew Tour, be sure to catch coverage of it this coming weekend on NBC, USA and MTV2; I am not sure of what's going down as yet, but there's a good chance I could end up on the television coverage somewhere…:-)

I'll post more later this week, when we are able to nail things down…and don't forget, we're just TWO WEEKS AWAY from the announcement of the 5th annual Popcorn N Roses Rising Stars list ! And don't miss Larry Richman's coverage of the Los Angeles Film Festival, all this week on Indie Film Spotlight!