Subject:CINEMA Update and other news…

Hi all!

This has been one crazy week – we had heat that caused problems with our recording equipment, we both missed a day at work, me because of a massive migraine, Kim because of a stomach issue. And this weekend…well, I'm getting to it…:-)

What was supposed to be last week's Subject:CINEMA should go online at or around it's regular time this coming Sunday evening.  This despite the fact that I will not be home nearly all day on Friday and Saturday because I'm heading to the first stop on the 2010 Dew Tour here in Boston. But I'm NOT going as just a fan…I'm going as an official Alli Sports Expression Session blogger! And that means…well, I'm not sure WHAT it means right now. But I have my media credentials, and I will be in the media gallery for all the competitions, and my Alli boss Shawn is hopefully working magic to land me a couple interviews, and who knows what else…I can't WAIT! 

For those who are interested, I should be posting several stories each day at Alli Sports, and I will also be tweeting all day starting at about 12 PM on Friday and 10 AM on Saturday on our Twitter feed, which is for those of you who haven't signed up yet! I'll have observations and commentary on all the competitions, plus I'll be tweeting the results, so if you're planning to watch some of the taped coverage on Sunday and don't want to know who wins, I will Tweet the line "Spoiler Alert" before I post any major results. Then I'll wait 30 seconds before I post so you can look away if you want to. Me, I don't mind knowing the results in advance, because I like to see how people get there.

Also, I don't know if there's going to be a TV spot or not, so you might want to check it out at 4 PM ET both Saturday and Sunday on NBC, and then late Saturday and Sunday on USA, and if I find out for sure  I'm going to get something on T , I'll try to  let everyone know.

Needless to say this weekend is a dream come true for me – to get to hang with some of my favorite skateboarding superstars and maybe get an interview with a couple of them. Some of the interviews might make it to S:C or other shows as well as being posted on Alli, so keep an eye out!

And Kim and I will see you this Sunday at 6 PM with Subject:CINEMA #236 – "Sexy Docs And The Occasional 'Hello, Nurse'!" Cheers!