Join PNR and sister blogs for a “Cherry”-Poppin’ Party!

Boston Popcorn, Popcorn N Roses, Subject:CINEMA, and Indie Film Spotlight will be celebrating the theatrical release of the 2010 film festival favorite CHERRY on October 15, 2010 at the Somerville Theatre in Somerville MA!

CHERRY has been winning raves from both critics and audiences alike throughout the 2010 festival season, starting at SXSW in Austin last spring. More recently it has played the Boston Film Festival, the Woodstock Film Festival, and will be playing at the Hamptons Film Festival this week.

The film is a delightfully funny coming-of-age comedy starring Popcorn N Roses 2010 #3 Male Rising Star Kyle Gallner (Nightmare On Elm Street, CSI New York, Smallville) as Aaron, a young engineering student entering college at 17 who would really rather be an artist were it not for his domineering mother. Once there, he enrolls in an art class where he meets and falls for Linda, a 35-year-old trying to straighten out her life.  And if that isn't enough, when Linda's 14-year-old daughter Beth enters the scene, things REALLY get interesting!

We both named CHERRY our favorite film of the 2010 Boston Film Festival, and now we're inviting you to join us for the Boston premiere. Director Jeffrey Fine will be in attendance as well, and we know you'll have a grand old time.

The "Cherry"-Poppin' Party ISN'T a party, per se – what we're out to do is help CHERRY sell out at least one, and maybe more, opening night shows.

Show times are 7:oo and 9:40 PM -  We'll be in attendance at the 7:00 PM show and we'd love to see you, and most of all, we'd love it if you'll help us show the filmmakers that Boston loves CHERRY!

Tickets for the 7:00 PM show can be found here!

Tickets for the 9:40 PM show can be found here!

And to tantalize your movie taste buds, here's the official SXSW trailer for CHERRY! We hope to see you all on Friday Evening!