Subject:CINEMA #259 – “Diamonds In The Rough V!”

Halloween is over, and it's back to business as usual at Subject:CINEMA, with great film shows and the latest film reviews!

This week, it's our annual Diamonds In The Rough show, where Kim and TC each pick six movies that you may have not heard of, movies that fly under the radar so to speak, that we think are worth the time and effort to find and see! (see below to see why were late this weekend)



Plus, this week's entertainment news, a rare non-entertainment related Bonehead Of The Week, your email, the Cinema Eye Honors nominations, and a review of the critically-acclaimed documentary LAST TRAIN HOME!

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Sooooo…why were we late this week?   Well, on Sunday morning, TC had a sudden sharp pain in his left temple, and then he started to lose the feeling on the left side of his body. Kim freaked out insisted he go to the ER and have it checked out. When he got to the ER, he got out of his mother-in-law's car, and stepped in a pothole, and promptly FELL HARD on his right side against the curb; now he was worse off on his right side, and still was feeling very limp on his left side. The doctors at Mass Gen took a look at him, did a CT Scan to be safe about his issue, also x-rayed him on his shoulder, hip, and pelvis where he fell.  To make a long story short, TC did NOT have a stroke or anything as he and Kim were both worried – the numbness is being caused by a pinched nerve on the left side of his neck. And he didn't break anything when he fell, although he DID deeply bruise his shin and his rotator cuff on his right shoulder, and pulled the muscle on the right shoulder as well. So TC spent a long couple of days on potent painkilers, on Valium (for the pinched nerve) and on anti-migraine medicine. He is still coming down from it, and doesn't look forward to taking the Valium whenever he gets neck pain but knows he'll have to if he wants to have some relief from the nerve, which is being pinched by a tight neck muscle. So if TC seems spacey from time to time on the shows, now you'll know why…and thanks to everyone for their patience…:-)

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