AWARDS SEASON: PGA announces Doc nominees

The Producers Guild have announced their documentary award nominees. Here's the press release:


LOS ANGELES, CA (December 3, 2010) – The Producers Guild of America (PGA) announced today the Documentary Theatrical Motion Picture nominees that will advance in the voting process for the 22nd Annual Producers Guild Awards.

 The nominated films, listed below in alphabetical order, are:

 * Client 9: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer

 * Earth Made of Glass

 * Inside Job

 * Smash His Camera

 * The Tillman Story

 * Waiting for ‘Superman’

 Nominations for the other Producers Guild Award categories will be announced January 4, 2011, along with the individual producers. The 2011 Producers Guild Awards ceremony will take place on January 22, 2011 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.



Could someone tell me why NONE of the major guilds have thus far given any recognition to the incredible holocaust doc A Film Unfinished as yet? It appalls me that this film, one of the most riveting, and incredibly disturbing, documentaries of all time, has yet to get ANY accolades from the main Hollyweird based guilds. Even the Spirit Awards shunned it, and that absolutely FLOORED me.

Anyone who has seen A Film Unfinished will never forget it – I know I won't. And it bothers me that the powers that be are ignoring this important film and instead praising ideological and political pabulum like Client 9, Inside Job (come on people, should ANY film who considers someone like Massachusetts representative Barney Frank a reliable "expert" really be taken seriously? The man's an incompetent boob at best, and a true criminal who should be in prison at worst – I consider him the latter), and Waiting For Superman.

I'm getting especially IRKED that filmmaker Davis Guggenheim continues to reap praise for his manipulative education doc when his last film has been totally exposed as one of the biggest frauds of all time, but apparently that’s too much of "an inconvenient truth" for the Left Coast to have the guts to admit…

I am somewhat mollified that both the Satellite Awards and the National Board of Review both correctly singled out A Film Unfinished as one of the best docs of the year. But neither group is taken very seriously inside the film community and that's a shame, because thus far, both groups have been the ONLY ones to recognize both this powerful account of true Nazi evil in Poland, and also the unbelievable Aussie drama Animal Kingdom.

 The Hollywood guilds are really making me wonder if they would know truly award worthy if they stepped on it…and since that seems to be what they're doing to both films, as well as the seriocomic It's Kind Of A Funny Story, the answer to that question would be "no"…