Subject:CINEMA #309 – “HERO HEAT V: Baxter Brilliance – The Fantastic Four!”

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(sorry about the delay – Mevio wasn’t cooperating at all on Sunday evening…)

Insanity reigns at Subject:CINEMA HQ every August and this year is no exception – time for HERO HEAT V! This week, we head to Manhattan and the Baxter Building to check out The Fantastic Four!

PLUS -A Bonehead of the week, a Scream And Shout Out, an installment of Star Wars, sad news about the split between the Muscular Dystrophy Association and Jerry Lewis, an E-mail (I really WUZ jes’ kiddin’, you’re not a bunch of lazy bastards..heh heh heh) and FOUR huge reviews – ATTACK THE BLOCK, CONAN THE BARBARIAN, RIFFTRAX LIVE – JACK AND THE GIANT KILLER, and FRIGHT NIGHT!

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