PNR’s November To Remember – Podcasting Update

It’s the time of year when everything goes out of control…

Between my own bad illness in early October and the craziness that was Hurricane Sandy, we really got double teamed last month. As we head into November on the sites, we have launched what we’re calling our “November To Remember”, as we begin to implement a long planned series of changes that will hopefully bring us in line with some of the top sites out there.

To that end, here’s how we will be adjusting things for the next few weeks when it comes to PNR Networks Podcasts.

#1. Subject:CINEMA will continue weekly production as always; our first November show is our annual “Diamonds In The Rough” show, and it will be available today –  Sunday, November 4 at 6 PM ET.

#2. Hollywood Oblivious got off to a flat start because of my illness and because I lost the notebook with all my notes for the show in it. I am working on recreating what I need, and the show will return  Saturday, November 17.

#3. Subject:CINEMA Micro Focus will resume production in mid-November, returning on Thursday November 15.

#4, Platinum Roses’ Garden will continue weekly production throughout the Supernatural season with occasional schedule adjustments for repeats and such.

#5. Mirrorball Mayhem All Stars has been severely affected by the storm and by election season, and has had a staggered schedule. After this past week’s show, which was bumped to Thursday due to Hurricane Sandy’s impact on our cable system, this week’s show will be posted on MONDAY, November 5th directly following the Monday night Dancing With The Stars show; due to wall-to-wall election coverage on ABC on Tuesday November 6th there will be no results show this week. Regular Tuesday night coverage will resume on November 13th and continue through the end of the season later in November.

There are also two independent shows presently distributed by PNR Networks – Cavebabble and Mashed Up Mayhem. Cavebabble is ongoing, and you can check their site at for info; Mashed Up Mayhem is still in pre-production stages but should premiere in early Decembeer at some point, but may get off the ground before the end of this month. More on this new series will be forthcoming, so stay tuned.

That’s the latest update on our podcasts – stay tuned for more as part of our “November To Remember”!

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