Subject:CINEMA #376 – “Cityscapes: Tokyo Drift!”

Tokyo tower

Tokyo tower (Photo credit: apple 94)

Thanks for tuning in Subject:CINEMA, now in our  SEVENTH Year of podcast fun….(gasp!)


  • This week, it’s a trip halfway around the world to the land of the Rising Sun – it’s”Cityscapes: Tokyo Drift!” – For our regular listeners, watch out – it’s one of THOSE shows…lots of silliness abounds…
  • another 2012 Grinch Watch
  • your e-mail
  • PNR’s Awards Season – how it works, and our PNR Awards schedule
  • a look at this weekends’ LORD OF THE RINGS Extended Edition marathon
  • and a review of YOU CAN”T DO THAT ON FILM

Be watching for some great changes coming to Subject:CINEMA and our PNR/SC website throughout the month!!

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