“In 2014 we resolve to….” – some New Year’s Resolutions from the PNR/ECO gang

Well, because of my back injury, we didn’t get the site relaunch up on time, so we’re transitioning to a launch by Feburary 1. In the meantime, Kim and TC (that’s yours truly, of course…), along with some of our PNR Networks friends, have made some resolutions for the new year…

TC Kirkham
Co-Host/Producer, Subject:CINEMA
Webmaster, PNR Networks

2014 is here, a new year to look forward to, and to have fun with. Therefore, I have come up with my ten Film Resolutions for 2014!

IN 2014 I resolve…

1) To Watch at least 30 films from my “Story of Film” list
2) To not keep rental DVDs FOREVER without ever getting around to watching them
3) To get to at least 15 of my original “Resolution Revolution” film list
4) To keep up to date my reviews on CriticWire, Letterboxd, and other sites
5) To watch every screener I receive within a week of receiving it, and make sure my contacts get the reviews and such as soon as possible
6) To make sure eCinemaOne has fresh content all the time – I have tons of ideas for articles, the problem is making a time to write them all…?
7) To continue my Film Education, hopefully with formal schooling of some kind but If not, to be the best damn self taught film buff on the planet…
8) To try to do what I’ve tried to do every year since 2007 and haven’t yet made it – to visit every cinema in the Boston Metro area accessible by the MBTA system at least once during the year.
9) To keep an accurate log of EVERY film I watch – in the theater, on DVD, via screeners, via cable or On Demand, or even on free tv (and who wants to admit that these days – they’re always FULL Of commercials…)
10) To work hard to make eCinemaOne, eCinemaBoston, Subject:CINEMA, SC Online Magazine, and associated sites and podcasts the best they can possibly be
11) To make 2014 the best damn film year EVER!

OK, so I have eleven, I’m trying to be an overachiever – LOL!

Kim Brown
Co-host, Subject:CINEMA
Host, Platinum Rose’s Garden

I resolve:

1) To stop thinking of a movie as “not my type”; I’m a film critic – ALL movies are my type
2) To take glitches in stride – so the film’s a little (or in the case of the Brattle, a LOT) late starting. I’m in a movie theatre, and that’s one of the best places in the world to be
3) To give a movie a chance, even if I think the casting sucks (yes Ben “Batman” Affleck, I’m talking to you!)
4) To not begrudge people who need to sit down in the row I’m in. Because I usually sit on the aisle, I should expect to have to get up and down at the start and finish of a film
5) To thank the theatre staff – they don’t get enough
6) To drink more water instead of soda. OK, that’s based on vanity – I want to be able to fit the seats better.
7) To stock up on napkins before any film I know is going to make me cry. There’s nothing so embarrassing as running out and bugging my husband because I’ve already soaked through all the napkins he’s already given me…
8) To be a little more lenient when we’re at kids movies and kids act like…kids…
9) To shut off my phone before the movie starts – I will not be one of those people with their phone coming on during the film, bothering other patrons
10) AND…to talk about Subject:CINEMA to everyone I can. We do a great show and everyone should know it!

Larry Richman
Owner, Larry411.com
Senior Correspondent, Indie Film Spotlight
Operations Manager, Palm Beach International Film Festival

In 2014 I resolve…

1) To crack open at least one of the several hundred shrink wrapped DVDs on my wall
2) To watch said DVD and not just open it
3) To stop buying DVDs that I know I’ll never open
4) To say “no” to screener and screening requests without feeling like I’m letting the industry down
5) To try and stay active in at least one of the 17 social networks I’ve joined and promptly forgotten about
6) To make it back to some of the film festivals I’ve missed the last few years (Santa Barbara’s already a go, maybe LAFF? Philly?)
7) To do Toronto and Fantastic Fest back to back again this year AND Whistler right after that
8) To water my plants before they die and do the laundry before I do
9) To eat less candy
10) And, most of all…to make it through the next four months as Operations Manager of the Palm Beach International Film Festival without having to check myself into the hospital!

Eric Lyon
Co-Host/Producer, Cavebabble

Am I too late? If not (or just for the hell of it!), here are some I’ve committed to:

1) To watch the “Story of Film” series.
2) To experience all the Doctors by watching episodes from each Dr Who era.
3) To successfully complete two “movie-a-day” months during the year.
4) To FINALLY break down and watch It’s a Wonderful Life for the first time.
5) To watch films from at least fifteen different countries.
6) To explore film genres I normally avoid, and feature them on Cavebabble.
7) To attempt to compose a soundtrack for a silent film in the public domain, and have it available for download.
8) To have a set schedule of upcoming Cavebabble topics, and stick to it!
9) To ignore #8 on this list at least nine times in the next ten months.
10) To visit at least five different small cinemas across Missouri, and share experiences and interviews on Cavebabble.

Anthony Lamberti
Co-Host, Mashed Up Madness

1. Go to the theater at least 10 times this year.
2. Watch at least 10 documentaries.
3. Watch 5 movies from the Poppies and Rosies winner list.
4. Get a high definition television to better enjoy the Blurays I have.
5. Do an award episode for Mashed up Madness about my top ten films of all time.
6. Make it back to one of my favorite movie theaters- CinemaSalem in Salem, MA.
7. See “Plan 9 from Outer Space” finally.
8. See all the Daniel Craig James Bond films which I haven’t seen yet.
9. Watch all my holiday movies I have in my holiday collections.
10.Be more open minded about the horrible decision they decided to do with Superman vs. Batman

That’s what some of us are trying to do this year – What about YOU? What do YOU Want to do this year with your film life? Write us at ecinemaone@gmail.com and tell us – you may see it published on the site or read on a future edition of Subject:CINEMA!

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