PNR Networks is pleased to be a “Synner”…a”LibSyn-ner”, that is…

libsyn_dark-smallEffective today, all of the PNR Networks shows except “Mashed Up Madness” (it’s moving soon as well)  are now affiliated with Liberated Syndication, aka LibSyn.

As most of you know who listen to our shows or read our site regularly, Mevio decided a couple weeks ago that it was better than the hundreds of podcasters who helped put it on the map, and effectively cancelled every podcaster’s account with the network.  They will be purging all files in the next few days.

It was our intention originally to start serving our own shows via Amazon Web Services, but then Cavebabble‘s Eric Lyon and I sat down and began calculating the costs of this service, which on the surface seems miniscule, and realized we would be facing THOUSANDS of dollars a month in fees if we used this service. So it was in our best interests to reconnect with LibSyn.

Subject:CINEMA actually started on LibSyn in the summer of 2006 and then moved to Mevio because hosting was free and then-co-owner Adam Curry was making all kinds of overtures to the podcasting masses that he would be able to help podcasters become financially successful with their podcasts. It never happened. Adam bailed on Mevio in 2009, and the service went straight into the toilet immediately thereafter as far as stats and support went.

I now wish we’d stayed with LibSyn all along. Although we’re paying a nominal fee for the service, it’s true that you get what you pay for. Todd and the rest of the support team at LibSyn have been so helpful in getting things ready for us and helping us with questions and with technical issues that have occasionally arisen, and I cannot thank them enough.

What does this mean for you, the PNR Networks listener? Well, not too much, fortunately. If you listen to Subject:CINEMA, Mirrorball Mayhem, Mirrorball Mayhem’s Minion Mashup, or Platinum Roses’ Garden on iTunes, you may have a gap of a week or so – we’re still working out how to get our iTunes feed updated. But if you listen to the show on a podcatcher, or via Stitcher or Blubrry, you’re already covered – our feeds officially switched over to LibSyn one at a time as the shows were uploaded and completed.

When it comes to the site links, it’s going to be an ongoing challenge, and I will be working on getting the LibSyn links changed over on our shows so they will all be playable within the next month or so. Anyone who may have backlinked to a page should be ok, but if you’ve backlinked to the show itself, it will cease to work once Mevio purges our files. It is my hope to include a complete SC directory with links in our FilmConnect public spreadsheet system by the summertime.

We have also listened to you about a number of other things in the past few months, and some serious changes are about to be implemented on most of our websites. We have been working on redesigning them to make it super easy to listen to the shows directly from the site, or via a player you can open and shrink down whilst you surf, and these will be launched in early May, after our Boston Springs A Fethival coverage winds down in about two weeks.

So for all of you out there who have stuck with us through thick and thin, thank you. I personally think LibSyn is going to be a LOT better than Mevio EVER was…already I’m seeing a drastic uptick in hits on our shows, particularly Subject:CINEMA, and that’s fantastic.

And to Mevio, i’d like to say a great big, hearty THANK YOU for never being there, never bothering to care, never answering support letters, never taking support calls,  promising a boatload of empty promises, for forgetting just WHO made your service work, for dumping hundreds of angry podcasters, hundreds of thousands of their listeners, and for generally being one of the BIGGEST FUCKING FARCES in history…we’ll never forget you…on second thought…we’re gonna try REAL HARD…and may BiteSizeTV be such the unmitigated disaster it should be (I checked it out, it’s HORRIBLE)…hope it comes back to bite you on the ass bigtime…


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