IT’S FINALLY HERE! Welcome to the all new eCinemaOne!

ecoheader01It’s been MONTHS (or maybe YEARS) in the making, but it’s FINALLY here – our brand new eCinemaOne website is online for all to see!

Although I will be putting finishing touches on it over the next week or so, the majority of the site is completed and after a longtime friend and listener wrote to me yesterday after getting a virus alert from our old domain and site, I decided to make the switch a day early. We went live with the new site at around 3 PM ET on September 30.

The structure has changed a bit, and what we’ll be doing with it will be a bit different as well. In addition to being the home of the long-running Subject:CINEMA podcast, its new companion spinoff Front Row Five And Ten, and our two minicasts, Three Minute Weekend and Tuesday Digidex, it will also become home to a third minicast, the new weekday morning historical series Reel Rewind, in about a month; it will be available every weekday morning with historical tidbits, maybe a few news items, birthdays and such – it is designed to give everyone a quick entertainment pick-me-up every morning. If we should decide to do a special news-oriented show for present events, it will appear here. And plenty more is on the horizon as well.  Subject:CINEMA has recently become available on iHeartRadio and Google Play, and we hope to add the rest of our shows to those sites as well over the next couple of months. We’re still aiming to get on a few more services too (hey Spotify, are you listening? You should be! And so should your listeners!) by the end of the year.

It is my intent to post several times a day, often linking to stories on other sites (with full credit, as is our custom) with a bit of commentary from my point of view. Our long-running Daily Trailer feature will return on Sunday, and I’ll also be doing a few more “think” pieces each week, on topics that will hopefully arouse interest in other film and entertainment fans. And there will be other regular features as well, hopefully at least one per day, that you will get used to seeing on a regular basis.

Those of you who visit our site by going to the old domain need to switch to our new domain name – you can get to us by going directly to and also by going to it’s subdomain level, which is The old lengthy domain is no longer being updated after a message asking you to move to the new domain, and will be permanently discontinued at the end of October.

Two of our sister sites, Indie Film Spotlight and Save Our Screens, will be integrated into eCinemaOne over the next few days, and will remain active as column topics here – both of those domains will point to eCinemaOne sometime in the next 72 hours. Our Rising Stars Honors will be available here, and the long awaited Rising Star Central will be launched as a new subsite at the beginning of 2017.

The left sidebar is for programming – you can access Subject:CINEMA shows via several different services, as well as listen to individual Subject:CINEMA Reviews (previously available exclusively to our Roku Superchannel subscribers) from there right now, and soon you’ll be able to access Three Minute Weekend, Tuesday Digidex, and Reel Rewind from there as well. We hope you take the time to subscribe to your favorite shows – if you subscribe to Subject:CINEMA you get both the flagship show and our new Front Row Five and Ten spinoff; if you subscribe to Three Minute Weekend, you also get Tuesday Digidex. Because of its daily nature, Reel Rewind will have it’s own separate feed; it will take over the soon-to-be-former Mirrorball Mayhem feed when it launches in late October or early November. And of course, at the bottom of the page, in our center footer, our PNRNetworks RSS feed delivers ALL the shows, as well as non-eCinemaOne shows like CaveBabble and Platinum Roses’ Garden, and others coming soon; in other words the entire family of PNRNetworks podcasts. Also available in our footer, the top ten box office films and a convenient Coming Soon list of films.

The right sidebar is for special media and social links, which will be self-explanatory when it is finished in the next couple of days. And the site is completely mobile-friendly as well – the sidebars appear as separate parts so you don’t have a bunch of clutter.

Over the next couple months, other PNRNetworks sites – Platinum Roses’ Garden, The Kirkham Report, eCinemaBoston, and others – will also be receiving much needed updates. And several more sites are in the planning stages and will launch as they become available – watch our “PNRNetworks” center page graphic for more when they become available.

All in all, I think this is going to be the beginning of a new chapter in eCinemaOne’s 10-year history, and we hope you will love what we do with it, that you will come back often to see what we’re up to, and tell all your friends about it as well!


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