PNRNetworks launches Patreon campaign, asking for your help to aid expansion

patreon-logoToday is a HUGE day for us here at PNRNetworks! After announcing it on Subject:CINEMA this past weekend, we have officially launched a Patreon campaign, asking for the help of our readers and listeners to help us reach the next stage of our work!

Unlike many Patreon campaigns, ours is set up as a joint campaign, meaning when you become a Patreon Friend and Contributor, you are helping more than just one podcast or site – you are helping the ENTIRE network. Our campaign will benefit ALL the PNRNetworks family of podcasts – Subject:CINEMA, Front Row Five And Ten, Cinema (Three Minute) Weekend, Tuesday Digidex, Reel Rewind (debuting in January 2017), Platinum Roses’ Garden, and CaveBabble, as well as all of our affiliated websites as well – eCinemaOne, eCinemaBoston (currently offline, returning in early November), Planet BiblioMusica, The Kirkham Report, CaveBabble, and more.

We are attempting to reach an initial goal of $600/month in recurring contributions – this will allow us to have a bit more freedom with all the expenses we have, and also allow us to begin upgrading our old and decrepit equipment, and begin to make other plans as well. As we hit further goals, we hope to do more and more to make our podcasts and sites the best they can possibly be and expand what we do more and more!

To become a Patreon Friend, and to check out our plans, our hopes and dreams, and the different levels of contributions and the cool perks that go with them, please visit our official campaign page at We need YOUR Help to reach our full potential, and as we begin to move forward into our second decade of podcasting, we know there’s a lot more we can do with your help, and hopefully, we’ll have that chance now!

Thanks for being a loyal reader and listener, and we hope we can count on your support!

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