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12/24 UPDATE:

Kim is still under the weather, so our schedule is adjusting thusly:

Wednesday, Dec 28 – Top 10 Announcement Special

Saturday, Dec 31 – Subject:CINEMA #550 – 12th Annual Poppies and Rosies Awards

Monday, Jan 2 2017 – Subject:CINEMA $551 – Just Cause We Can awards and final review catchup

Thanks for your patience while she’s been getting over this nasty cold…of course, it had to hit when it did…:-)


Hi all…we’ve been thrown a couple of minor curve balls just in time for our year-end programming…I wanted to keep everyone up to date.

First off, as I mentioned on Subject:CINEMA this past weekend, our laptop gave up the ghost last week – the hard drive ceased working, and rendering this loving workhorse completely useless in the process. Without it, it’s impossible for me to keep up during the day with posts about critics lists and things because I do that at work on my breaks and lunch and such. My work computer is blocked from reaching the sites I need to get to in order to get the info I need. So I’m going to get the critics lists and other awards groups stuff posted, but it probably won’t be happening until this weekend into next week at the earliest.

Second, Kim has come down with a hellish chest cold, and is out for the count for the rest of the week. This will affect Front Row Five And Ten this week, but hopefully she’ll be feeling better and able to get our big year end shows done this weekend and next. It also has put a damper on trying to get to the big Oscar-bait films we had hoped to squeeze in before we did our awards, although we are still planning to try to do so if she gets back on her feet. Front Row Five and Ten will return on Wednesday, January 4 – not sure if we’ll do our planned holiday countdowns for it or not, though. We’ll see.

Right now, our plans remain the same for this weekend:

Saturday, December 24 – Subject:CINEMA #550 – The Just ‘Cause We Can Awards

Wednesday, December 28 – Subject:CINEMA Special – The Top Films of 2016 Announcement special

Saturday, December 31 – Subject:CINEMA #551 – The 12th Annual Poppies and Rosies Awards

If Kim remains too sick to record, we will bump this weekend’s show to January 8 and do the JCWC awards – the silly part of our year end stuff – on that show, and move our 2017 preview show to January 15.

As to next year, I’m not sure where our schedule will take us, due to some ongoing medical issues I’m having. Regular listeners to S:C know that I’ve had some ongoing issues since our move last year, and I have some upcoming appointments next week which will give me more of an idea of where we will be with those. I will go over things as soon as we get things figured out that way, and pass it on to you guys as I have the chance.

In the meantime I hope everyone has a great holiday season..and here’s hoping 2017 will be everything 2016 was supposed to be but wasn’t…heh heh heh..

Love ya, guys and gals, take care!


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