SHORT FILM: Check out 2016 #1 Male Rising Star Theo Taplitz’ latest short film

For anyone who has read eCinemaOne or listened to Subject:CINEMA over the past year or so, the name Theo Taplitz has been popping up A LOT – the young star of the critically acclaimed (and multi PNR-award winning) coming of age drama “Little Men” has been highlighted almost as much for our current readers and listeners as actor Michael Angarano used to be highlighted all the time when we first launched.

The multi-faceted 14-year-old is back with another award-winning short film, and this time, as always, he’s totally in control. The short also includes music from his band LastStand (you can find videos of them on YouTube here). “Dybbuk” is yet another character piece which highlights the young man’s all-around talents – is it any wonder we think so highly of him here at eCO? Check it out, and enjoy!

Dybbuk from KAREN BENNETT on Vimeo.

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