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Greetings all!

Subject:CINEMA and Platinum Roses’ Garden are going to be late this week – as I mentioned on Subject:CINEMA last week, we had to find a new webhost when our previous one suddenly decided to shut down after the passing of the owner.  We’re getting settled in over at our new host, and we had some minor problems, one of which is that our posts from last week didn’t make the migration, and I couldn’t get to the old site to grab them before they shut down. eCinemaOne was down for about 48 hours as well due to a PHP error, which our new hosts at SiteGround were able to track down and fix yesterday – YAY! So over the course of the next couple of days, i’m going to catch up and re-post last week’s Tuesday Digidex, Front Row Five and Ten, and Three Minute Weekend on the site, then catch up on the Boston Springs A Fethival stuff over at eCinemaBoston, then get to work on the stuff we need to do for the current week as well.

Please bear with us over the next week as we get everything back in order. We’re coming up to May, and that will bring two of Subject:CINEMA‘s biggest annual shows, the Summer Film Preview show, schedule at the moment for May 7, and our two day, Double Feature Boston Springs A Fethival weekend on May 20-21. Then come Memorial Day weekend, it’s an ALL NEW Subject:CINEMA for the summer…more details on that as we get to the launch point.

Now, if you are a subscriber to the podcasts of your choice, and hopefully that’s ALL of them, heh heh, you should have been able to download or stream all the shows on time last week – all of them were loaded on our Libsyn chennels on time. So if you listen via the website and didn’t get the chance or thought you missed something …well, you may have – so now is the perfect time to SUBSCRIBE and make sure you don’t miss a show even when the site has issues!

We hope to have this weekend’s shows up mid-week this week, but they may be delayed until their regular time next weekend. So don’t fret – we’ll be back as soon as we can!


TC N Kim

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